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Welcome to the new Marathon Boat Owners Group resource website.

This is a fairly new site that has been established as a data resource and is an extension of the main Marathon Boat Owners Group forum on Stay tuned as we bring you a new source and warehouse of information pertaining to your boating needs and into "The World of Marathon".

The site will be in an ongoing construction mode: adding new links, information, documents, pictures, videos etc. pertaining to Marathon vessels: Background and history, Repairs, Maintenance, Upgrades/improvements, links to manuals where/if available, as well as items pertaining to boating in general.

This site was originally intended to be more of a data warehouse site for documents etc and to make them readily accessible and available to anyone who might want them as resource or background for their Marathon vessel. but it also has a section for forum communication. 

Please note that our previous main forum thread (Marathon Boat Owners Group) on the site (effective June 2012) requires a paid membership to be able post on those forums.

The Marathon Boat Owners Group on (109 pages) still exists but is now read only (without paid membership) but there is much valuable information contained on those pages for Marathon Owners. 

Link: (Links to page 109)


This site, which is still free, can provide simular forum type communication as required as well as better access to documents, photos etc. (Url for this site:

Ps: For those who might want to purchase the Marathon Boat Owners Group Bow flag, please refer to the Picture section under MBOG Flag. As of July 17, 2012, there are five 5 flags left.

Again, welcome to the Marathon Boat Owners Group new site and hope you find it helpful and resourceful. 












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